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NMC Systems Management Services can be hired for

1) Hazard and Risk management

A. Assessing Workplace Hazards

  • Identifying potential risks and hazards in the workplace.
  • Conducting thorough inspections and evaluations.
  • Analysing data to prioritize hazards and develop action plans

B. Developing Safety Policies and Procedures

  •  Designing and implementing safety protocols.
  • Creating emergency response plans.
  • Ensuring compliance with international, local and national safety
    requirements and regulations.

C. Providing Training and Education

  • Conducting training sessions for employees and management.
  • Teaching proper use of safety equipment and machinery.
  • Promoting a safety culture through awareness campaigns

2) Collaboration with Employers and Workers

A. Collaborating with Employers

  • Working closely with management to address safety concerns.
  • Assisting in the creation of safety committees.
  • Providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Conducting audits to ensure compliance with OHS regulations.
  • Developing emergency response plans and procedures

B. Engaging Employees

  • Encouraging employee involvement in safety initiatives.
  • Conducting specialised confidential and successful surveys

3) Benefits of Hiring NMC Systems Management Services include:

a. Expertise and Knowledge

  • NMC Systems Management Services consultants possess specialised knowledge and expertise in occupational health and safety.
  • We stay updated with the latest regulations and best practises in the industry.
  • Our knowledge helps in identifying workplace hazards and implementing effective preventive measures.

b. Compliance with Legal Requirements

  • NMC Systems Management Services consultants ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • We help businesses avoid penalties and legal issues related to workplace safety.
  • We assist in creating and maintaining comprehensive safety programmes that meet legal standards.

c. Cost Savings

  • NMC Systems Management Services helps in minimizing workplace accidents and injuries.
  • NMC Systems Management Services helps in reducing workers’ compensation claims and related costs.
  • We assist in minimising property damage and insurance claims.
  • By preventing accidents, NMC Systems Management Services also prevents productivity loss, resulting in cost savings for the business.

d. Improved Safety Culture

  • NMC Systems Management Services helps in fostering a safety conscious culture within the organisation.
  • We provide training and guidance to employees on safe work practises.
  • We encourage employee involvement in safety initiatives, leading to a sense of ownership of the results projects.
  • Enhancing employee morale and productivity.
  • Giving peace of mind to the employer

e.  Project is delivered on time

  • NMC Systems Management Services is time conscious team.

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES can do as much or as little as your business needs to achieve this. We can be your outsourced OHS department, use us for training, auditing and risk assessments, or for training and certification purposes.

Below is a list of the services offered by NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

1. Site risk assessments
2. Process and task risk assessments
3. OHS/WHS site plans
4. OHS/WHS management systems
5. Risk registers development
6. Risk control plans and management
7. Worker inductions, training and competency
8. Hazardous substances management/registers/risk assessments
9. Safety audits
10. Supplier audits
11. Quality auditing
12. Safety objective setting and performance management
13. ISO 45001 certification audits and assistance
14. Injury Management
15. Chain of Responsibility
16. Incident Investigation and Management
17. Outsourced OHS Management

Site risk assessments

NMC Systems Management Services identifies health and safety risks in your workplace by conducting site risk assessments. Our site risk assessments consider the onsite workplace activities, the interactions of these activities and their impacts on each other, the inherent risks posed by the site, and environmental factors like weather. The results of our risk assessments will enable you to identify and address potential issues before they become problems, cause incidents, or result in injuries.

Process and task risk assessments

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES conducts process and task risk assessments by analysing the processes and tasks connected to your work activities to identify hazards. This way, we identify hazards in the workplace, develop risk management and control strategies. We offer expertise on the specific hazards of each process and task, develop safe systems of work and implement control measures to enhance the health and safety of all workers. In addition, NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES advises on recordkeeping, monitoring, training and incident reporting to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

OHS/WHS site plans

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES develops or can provide invaluable assistance in creating a comprehensive OHS site plan that meets all relevant regulations, standards and industry best practice. OHS/WHS site plans are essential in any construction or industrial works and are exclusive to a specific site. They outline potential hazards, risks and processes for optimal routine management to ensure a safe working environment for all. This includes:
• Record keeping
• Hazard identification and control
• Emergency procedures
• Personnel training
• Communication protocols.

OHS/WHS management systems

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES Develops OHS/WHS management systems that, fundamentally, provides you with peace of mind. We help you to take a proactive approach to safety to protect your workers and ensure that everyone is working in the safest environment possible.

While complying with with ISO 45001, NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES Develops OHS/WHS management systems to ensure that all workers are operating in safe and healthy conditions. An OHS management system has the tools to identify hazards, assess risks, implement, monitor, evaluate and review control measures. It also guides on applying policies, implementing procedures, providing training, conducting audits, inspections and monitoring performance.

Risk control plans and management

Our risk management services identify the risks associated with your workplace. We determine where improvements can be made to ensure a safe working environment by assessing existing conditions in the workplace and develop preventative measures like safety policies to mitigate future risks.

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides you with that essential part of your business called risk control plans which provide a framework to identify, assess and control risks in your workplace.

We assist businesses to develop an effective risk control plan tailored to your specific and unique needs. We develop risk control plans that include strategies to minimise hazards, procedures to protect workers from harm, training, communication frameworks, and processes for monitoring compliance with safety legislation and regulations. We are here to assist you develop a comprehensive and efficient risk control plan that ensures a safe workplace and meets all applicable compliance requirements on matters of safety.

Worker inductions, training and competency

In any workplace, worker inductions, training and competency are essential in occupational health and safety (OHS). NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES assists organisations to ensure their training processes and procedures meet the necessary requirements. We can provide internal training for your workers. We can work with you to create tailored induction programs that gives all new workers with the skills and information required to understand and appreciate your workplace’s safety culture. In addition, we can also provide ongoing training to ensure your workers have the relevant and current competency to carry out their duties safely.

Hazardous substances

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides hazardous substances training, including hazardous chemical and dangerous goods management, chemical risk assessments and correct handling and safety procedures. We can help you to ensure your hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials are properly stored, transported, handled and disposed of in line with relevant legislation. We have the expertise to assess your site and identify potential risk factors surrounding dangerous goods and review your management systems to minimise the risk of incidents and accidents from dangerous goods.

Safety audits

In occupational health and safety (OHS) management, Safety inspections are essential. NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES can help you ensure that your workplace is safe and compliant by conducting thorough safety inspections. These inspections involve identifying hazards, assessing risks, and making recommendations for corrective actions. Not only can we help you identify existing problems, but we can also provide proactive advice to help you reduce the risk of future hazards.

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides WHSE, Training and Quality audits of systems or specific operations. In this regard, we can include formal gap analyses and recommendations to maximise the potential for improvement. We identify known and unknown hazards, addressed and unaddressed risks, and documented and undocumented solutions. The audit findings are calculated to improve your system, identify any related gaps or limitations that might be there in the WHS management system.

Supplier audits

As part of your overall OHS management function, NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES can conduct supplier audits on your behalf. This is because as a business owner, you’re answerable for safety throughout your entire supply chain. Therefore, you must ensure that procurement and suppliers act within your business’s safety guidelines and any relevant legislation that applies.

Safety objective setting and performance management

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES will assist you to set safety objectives and to create measures for monitoring safety performance. We will prioritise areas for improvement and help you create a listed outline of safety objectives for your business to work towards.

Establishing objectives is a crucial aspect of safety management and is pitfall for many organisations. Simply put, figuring out what safety excellence is for your business and setting achievable targets can be difficult and these safety objectives must be SMART. They should set clear expectations.

ISO 45001 certification audits and assistance

ISO 45001 is the International Organisation for Standardisation’s standard for Safety Management Systems. Whether you want to renew your ISO 45001 certification, or need to obtain certification for the first time, NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES can help you achieve compliance and prepare your company for certification. We can conduct an ISO 45001 gap analysis to find areas of non-compliance and give you practical advice to achieve ISO 45001 compliance.


NMC Systems Management Services offers a comprehensive range of injury management services. These are strategies and support provided to organisations to effectively prevent, manage, and rehabilitate workplace injuries. These services encompass various aspects such as risk assessment, incident investigation, return-to-work programmes, and ongoing monitoring of employee health and safety.

Injury management is vital for your organisations as it not only helps in reducing the financial burden associated with workplace injuries but also improves productivity and employee morale. By effectively managing injuries, your organisation can minimise downtime, reduce workers' compensation costs, and maintain a positive reputation in the industry. Additionally, a comprehensive injury management programme demonstrates a commitment to employee well- being, can attract top talent to the organisation and give you peace of mind.

1) The role of NMC Systems Management Services in injury management

2) Pre-injury management services

  • Identifying and assessing workplace hazards and risks.
  • Developing and implementing safety policies and procedures.
  • Conducting training programmes for employees on injury prevention
  • Designing and implementing pre-employment medical assessments.
  • Developing and conducting ergonomic assessments to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Providing guidance on workplace design and layout to minimise injury risks.

3) Post-injury management services

4) Ongoing injury management support

  • Assisting in the development of return-to-work programmes for injured employees.
  • Coordinating with healthcare professionals to ensure proper medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Conducting workplace assessments to identify necessary modifications for
    accommodating injured employees
  • Monitoring and reviewing injury management programmes for continuous
  • Conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Providing ongoing training and education on injury management and prevention.


Special training focussing on Chain of Responsibility in Safety and Risk Management


We conduct objective workplace incident investigations on behalf of clients and provide practical solutions to ensure the safety of workers, process improvements, and recurrence minimisation.

Benefits of using NMC Systems Management Services for incident investigation

A. Expertise and knowledge

  • We possess specialised knowledge and experience in incident
    investigation techniques.
  • We stay updated with current regulations and industry best practises.
  • We can provide valuable insights and recommendations for preventing future incidents.
  • Can provide guidance on developing effective incident management systems.
  • Our expertise ensures compliance with OHS laws and regulations.

B. Objectivity and impartiality

  • We are independent third parties, ensuring unbiased investigations.
  • We can assess the situation objectively without any internal biases or conflicts of interest.
  • Our impartiality increases the credibility of the investigation findings.

C. Efficiency and effectiveness

  • We have established investigation procedures and methodologies.
  • We can conduct investigations in a timely and efficient manner, minimising disruption to the organisation.
  • Our expertise helps in identifying root causes accurately, leading to effective corrective actions.

Outsourced OHS Management

NMC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES can act as your outsourced OHS management department. We can provide all the above services. Alternatively, we can provide services in whatever combination is required thereby filling the role of an internal safety management officer without the cost of taking on a full-time employee. This will save you a lot of time, money and the burden of managing OHS issues.


Workplace health and safety management systems must be updated to remain effective in today's rapidly evolving work environments. Some businesses require a complete overhaul, while others require stand-alone services like training, inspection, risk assessment tool design or legal compliance audits. Our flexible process, outlined below, adapts to clients' unique needs.



  • Work together with your organisation to understand your business context and identify applicable laws, codes of practise, and standards.
  • Establish scope, context and criteria.
  • Risk assessment including risk identification, risk analysis and risk
  • The scope of the work and our pricing options will also be covered at this
  • Project initiated after briefing and workplace visit.
  • Issue treatment and resolution.
  • Outcome presentation and handover



  • Support WHS management system implementation after documentation submission.
  • Offer ongoing WHS training seminars and workshops for management and employees.
  • Collaboration to ensure compliance with OHS legislation, regulations, and standards.
  • Collaboration with employees and management to develop effective
    safety procedures and policies.
  • Identify hazards, assess risks in workplace, analyse environment, equipment, process.
  • Conduct inspections, audits, and provide recommendations for
    improvement, ensuring employees are trained on safe work practices and emergency procedures.
  • Regular monitoring and review are crucial for workplace and safety,
    preventing accidents and injuries, and ensuring compliance with OHS

Ensuring Effective Recording and Reporting through

  • Provide with all the records throughout the above phases of working with us.
  • Training and education for management and workers on OHS recording and reporting protocols.
  • Implementing standardised systems and forms for recording and reporting.
  • Regular auditing and review of recording and reporting processes.


• Contact us and we will assess your workplace and advise

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